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swiddly is the future of tomorrow,

Swiddly also develops entrepreneurship, Which gives a look of business to kids wanting to do something of their own in the future

swiddly is a place where we can sell old books, buy books.As a result the economic department of UAE has taken the initiative of Swiddly .We can buy second handbooks for a cheap price or even a brand new book.

If we compare the usage of paper now that if 70 years ago we find out that 85,000,000 tons of paper and about 680 pounds per person is being used every year!

The average household throws away 13,000 separate sheets of paper every day, You might think a few hundred, tops are being used every day but in reality, it’s 10,000 and 45 percent of those are thrashed within a day!

Swiddly believes in working with the community to achieve sustainability and reusability. We aim to create awareness among youngsters, who will be shaping the future of our World.

School students who are passionate about sustainability are invited to conduct research on Sustainability in their school and neighborhood.swiddly is a platform where student can earn money by selling old books instead of throwing it away .

swiddly is a safest place to start working with ..... why???

  • Connect with Sellers
  • 24/7 Support dedicated support
  • Licenced by Dubai Economy (Department of Economic  Development
  • Secure: The website is encrypted with SSL

My activitys on SWIDDLY

This is a place where nearly all Mummies around.

UAE prefer to shop for School Books and other items for cheap prizes

They have

  • No Listing Fees Listing your items is free of cost : we encourage you to post more items on sale .
  • Powerful Tools : Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.
  • Support 24/7 : Assistance for listing of Books Instant connect on Whatsapp .Seller Support ticket available.

Swiddly is the Future of Tomorrow. Internship is the need of time.

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Swagat Madhu
12 B Student - TIAD

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