We surveyed on the topic “Swiddly is the future of tomorrow”, asking users about their thoughts and experiences on using this website.This survey was attended by a total of 100 users out of which 95% of users whereof the age group 15 to 21, while the rest 5% of users whereof the age group 45-50.

It was observed that a noticeable number of users have had a remarkable experience using this website.To bring the figures in, 75% of users appreciated this website and had a smooth experience while using it, while the other 15% of the user’s faced difficulty in logging in as a buyer, and the other 15% of users requested upgrading the security systems of this website.

Speaking of safety, 77% of users acknowledge that the website is safe for sellers and buyers of all age groups, however, the other 23% of users believe that more measures have to be taken to ensure the safety of the online transaction and the safety of young children using the website.2/3rd of the survey attendees appreciates this initiative and believe that the website can make it big in the future and become just like other highly successful online shopping sites as it’s sustainable, profitable, and efficient.

Using the reports from the survey, I would like to conclude that Swiddly is a sustainable, profitable, innovative, free, and easy to use website for people of all age groups. It also promotes sustainable development goals and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to get real-life experiences in the field of business.


“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere"
~ Annie Leonard

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere” by Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability implies that throwing away things isn’t a solution for everything. For example, every academic year, thousands of books are bought and used by students. On the other hand, the same number of books are discarded after their use and find their way to the garbage bins landing at the landfill site where they are buried and disposed of. Usually, books are not reused or recycled, generating huge quantities of paper waste. To minimize the throwing away of textbooks after each academic year and to reuse the old storybooks.

Swiddly is a perfect online website where you can sell your used books and make a profit with them. Swiddly provides a marketplace for every age group to sell their used books, new books, novels, school supplies, etc. The main aim of Swiddly is to sustain the resources by reusing the used textbooks and other books all over UAE.


This online platform to sell and buy pre-owned books at an affordable price helps young teenagers to take the root in the market and gives them an idea of online business. Swiddly also provides the young entrepreneurs with a trade license and a certificate for their working experience. This certificate will be beneficial for young teenagers for their internships and work experiences. Young entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to explore and earn with this online platform. It will have a good influence on society as young teenagers make an effort to reuse and recycle the used goods, as young teenagers are the future of tomorrow. They will be able to use the money earned to buy new books of their choice.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” by Robert Swan, the author implies that if every human being has this same mindset, the planet will not be saved. If young entrepreneurs start reusing and sustaining the resources by reducing the wastage of paper it will surely make a good difference. Reusing and sustaining the resources can be made a trend among young teenagers to increase the popularity of this method to make a good chance in society. Swiddly can surely make a good impact on the youngsters and the society. It helps the young entrepreneurs to be dedicated, self controlled and self-disciplined at a very young age thus making them better human beings and prudent financial investors. As the saying goes – Early to invest, best to harvest.
Young entrepreneurs getting into the business will surely help them make their time more productive and will give a realistic idea about life. Their cognitive thinking abilities will expand, and they start to think more logically.Sellers of used books help build a better world by preserving and spreading knowledge … helping communities by conserving resources, reducing the waste going to landfills, and making books more affordable. It is therefore one of those businesses that enable the entrepreneur to make money and do something worthwhile. Swiddly helps us to create a better tomorrow.Swiddly is a website designed for easy use. It begins with search-engine-optimized content

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it
~ by Robert Swan,

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