Poster Design Winners Announced


The leading team of the student initiative programme turned a new leaf in the in the history of the student efforts when they decided to conduct a team research and design posters to create awareness in the school and their locality.

On 17th March 2022, the leading team of the Swiddly Programme, comprising of Grade 9A students conducted team research in The Indian Academy, and collaborated to write research papers, designing posters, creating awareness on sustainability, and presenting their posters in the school.

The teams covered the UN agenda on sustainability, UAE agenda and sustainability target and their own efforts and suggestions on the sustainability while designing their posters.  The students spoke presenting their posters and the creative ideas on saving their environment.

Winners List : 1st Place
Nedha, Alwyn, Mustafa, Yashika, Yogita, Sarah, Ravdzah, Kabeer, Yussuf, Ronnie (The Indian Academy School, Dubai)

Winners List : 2nd Place
Aditya, Hrishikesh, Aman, Mohammad, Hussain, Joshua, Adhil, Denny, Deva  (The Indian Academy School, Dubai)

Winners List : 3rd Place
Nicole Vinoy Pranjali Nilajkar, Seanna Grace Claudius, Narmitha Nair  (The Indian Academy School, Dubai)

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