Think Sustainability and Reusability of Books

How to deal with the ever-growing pile of kids’ used school books is the concern for most UAE mums. After the kids pass the grade there is no looking back on to those books and they end up in some corner of the house occupying space.

Our IDEA is to put those unused books to use and support SUSTAINABILITY. Many students are looking for books that you may have left unwanted. Let us put those books to REUSE.

Swiddly encourages re-use and re-cycling through innovation and technology, enabling schools and families to look for a second-hand item first before buying new.

Making better use of current resources and reducing what goes to landfill builds a more sustainable school community and lowers the cost of education.



Promoting Sustainability to help environment

Encouraging REUSABILITY of Books

Providing platform to connect buyers and sellers

Bringing the RESALE book shops online

UAE Sustainability Target – Initiative on Recycling and Reusing Waste

By virtue of Vision 2021, the UAE is striving to diversify its income resources by moving away from oil. The fifth field aims at rationalising the use of water resources, electricity and natural resources and recycle waste.

How is the UAE sustaining the environment?

The UAE’s efforts to reduce emissions include increasing reliance on clean energy, boosting energy efficiency, expanding capacity for carbon capture, use, and storage, conserving blue carbon ecosystems, promoting sustainable agriculture, and implementing environment-friendly waste management. One of the environment-friendly waste management projects is the reuse of books and educational stationery. At the end of the academic year, 98 % of students discarded their old used books and the remaining few passed them on to their siblings. Unfortunately, the parents and the students could not manage to participate in the UAE sustainability goal earlier due to inadequate platforms available to them. Swiddly came to their rescue shouldering the responsibility of the government of the UAE and focusing on the objectives of the UAE Sustainability goals.

Swiddly – A Community Hub for Sustainability

Swiddly, licensed by the Dubai Economic Department, is an initiative to promote reusability and sustainability of books and stationery and promote a friendly environment. The waste management target of the UAE from schools is magnanimous comprising 639 public schools and 580 private schools where 287,725 students from public schools and 793,295 students from private schools generate the maximum educational waste and the waste producing population is expected to grow by 40% by 2023.

Every year the demand on new books and stationery is a pressure on conservation of natural resources and man-made resources. Owning to the increase in demand on textbooks the UAE proposed the reuse of textbook empowering Swiddly with a license to promote the goal of the UAE.

Catering to the UAE 2030 AGENDA FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and self-sufficient society, Swiddly campaigned the reuse of schoolbooks and school supplies creating awareness among the youths in the UAE schools to reuse books. Thus, marginalizing the demand on the market and sustaining economic growth by keep the market cashflow rolling without causing any pressure on the natural resources. Eventually, enabling economic growth in the UAE.

Sustainability Awards on Swiddly

On creating a virtual shop on Swiddly, the Swiddly Team issues a ‘Swiddly Trader License’ encouraging youth to experience entrepreneurship skills at a young age. The experience is provided free of charge where the youth can own a virtual shop free of cost, the cost of a trader’s license is also free of charge and the listing of books is another service free of cost. Thus, enculcating promising sustainable entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Promoting the UAE Agenda for Sustainability, Swiddly honours students with Sustainability badges to recognise their efforts.

The Swiddly Team aims to inculcate the habit of re-usability and thus promote a sustainable lifestyle in the youths.

“We can all make a difference, changing individual behavior even slightly brings significant change overall.”

Digital Solutions
to bridge the Market Gap

There are parents searching for school books in various facebook and whatsapp group. Likewise many Book exchange groups have emerged out of the need to help parents buy and sell school books. 

Our goal is to provide a digital platform where students and parents can list books on resale and buy the one they need. 

Let us work TOGETHER

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The Success depends on building a community that is passionate to help each other and grow. 

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